Starbucks Announces New Foodshare Program

Starbucks announced that they'll be launching their Starbucks FoodShare program in Canada to help provide up to 1.5 million meals a year to stop wasting food and help those in need. 

Starbucks Canada announced yesterday that they would be bringing the FoodShare program to Canada. The program is already up and running in the United States. 

"Wasted food is a wide-scale problem for everyone in the food business, while more than 4 million Canadians are impacted by hunger," says Luisa Girotto, vice president, public affairs, Starbucks Canada.

"This is unacceptable, and we will help solve this now that we have a way to safely donate chilled, perishable food, while preserving its quality."

The program will launch in Ontario first, in partnership with Second Harvest, a no waste food rescue organization.