!!! Super Lice That's Resistant to Treatment !!!

This mutant strand of lice is immune to the pesticides that are in many of the over-counter treatments that you would buy to normally get rid of the creepy crawly bugs. This means that lice have become a lot more difficult to treat and get rid of. These super lice are spreading throughout North America at a rapid rate and outbreaks have become more common throughout recent years.

I had no idea about this, but GET THIS.... If you have had lice beforeyou become much more likely to gain super lice in the future.
Lice leave a certain scent in the hair that can often attract more lice in the future, even if you have already cured the previous case.  

Between LICE and BED BUGS, this freaks me out... I've never had it...but I DO remember having teachers looking at all of our heads in elementary school, which leads me to think that someone DID in our class at that time.