The Top 20 Names of Women Most Likely To Get Pregnant In 2017!

Got plans to get pregnant this year? Well ya might wanna double check if YOUR name is on this list!

Researchers at Closer Online have crunched the numbers, and have determined the TOP women's names most likely to get pregnant in 2017... The science comes from the current statistic that the average woman has her first baby at 29.8 years old.

They've cross-refrenced that number with the most popular baby girl names between 1987-1988, and VOILÀ!

The list includes:

1. Jessica
2. Amy
3. Jade
4. Rebecca
5. Charlotte
6. Hannah
7. Lauren
8. Sophie
9. Emily
10. Sarah
11. Ashley
12. Hayley
13. Megan
14. Heather
15. Samantha
16. Katie
17. Melissa
18. Danielle
19. Rachel
20. Chelsea

If your name IS on the list and that worries you... Well, fear not! You can probably take this info with a grain of salt!