These Alberta Lollies Will Be in The Grammy's Swag Bags!

A Fort Saskatchewan-based mother/daughter gourmet lollipop company has been accepted to be included in the official 61st Grammy gift bag on Sunday!

Mother Kerry McKinlay and daughter Mercedes embarked on the new lolly product last spring.

Sumptuous Lollies flavours include black cherry chili, raspberry lemonade, lavender cocoa, rose cardamom, lemon meringue and, McKinlay's favourite, watermelon basil with sea salt.

The lollipops, made with rose petals and champagne, will be in each of the artists gift bags at the 61st Grammy Awards this Sunday.

Not to be confused with loot bag candy, each lollipop will contain an edible square of 24 karat gold.



The company sells its products only at the two The Makers Keep stores in Edmonton due to its limited production capabilities, McKinlay said.


So you can enjoy one while you watch the Grammy's this Sunday! 


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