This Company Is Looking To Pay Someone $10,000 A Month To Live In Cancun

Can you imagine getting paid to sit on the beach and drink a margarita? This could be you! There is a company that is looking to pay you $10,000 a month to hold the title of 'Cancun Experience Officer'. It's a six month position and while you are there all your expenses will be paid for. It will take place from March to August 2018. The application includes a one minute video explaining why you would be perfect for this position. 

Some of your tasks for this job include making videos, updating social media, blog posts for and you'll go on a bunch of field trips such as climbing a 3,000 year old pyramid or swimming with a whale shark. You’ll have to sleep overlooking pristine beaches. And odds are pretty good that a cerveza or margarita will be involved as well.

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