THIS is what you should have accomplished by age 35:

So Business Insider compiled a bunch of benchmarks that the AVERAGE person has reached by age 35. AHEM. Behold:


1) MARRIAGE. Average is 27 for a woman, 29 for a breh

2) SPAWN. Average age to have a wee baby is age 28

3) A HOME. Typically by 35, most peeps own the roof over their head. Median age for first-time homeowners is 32.

4)  A PAYCHECK. A typical 35 year old has an average salary of $49,400.

5) CASH MONEY. An average 35 year old human has a net worth of about $14,226.

6) DEBT. Average debt is $133,100. So. Keep showing up to work, I suppose.

7) A BEEFY RESUME. The average 35 year old has already worked 11 different jobs!

- @chelseabird3


**photo cred: iStock