This summer cool off with a nice scoop of PICKLE ICE CREAM...

PICKLE ICE CREAM is the new hot treat for summer. 

As Bubba from Forrest Gump would say if we swap pickles instead of shrimp:

You can do deep fried pickles, garlic pickles, bbq pickles (OK to be honest I don't know if bbq pickles exists but I will investigate) and now PICKLE ICE CREAM. 


I have a gf who DRINKS pickle juice so I feel  like a lot of people will love this. Imagine its 35 above in Edmonton and you're licking on a nice pickle pop to cool off. 

One restaurant in NYC is creating waves in the food industry by serving PICKLE SOFT SERVE. I would 100% try this. 

Check it out the insta pic. It looks delicious. Or disgusting? 



I found a recipe to make homemade pickle ice cream. Should I dare? Check it out here.