Uber Now Offers A "Quiet Mode" When You Don't Want To Talk

You ever get into an Uber and you’re just crossing your fingers they don’t try to start a conversation with you? Or maybe you jump in only to find your driver wants to discuss politics all the way to the airport? (Yes, it happened to me).

What if I told you, now you can choose an Uber driver who won’t talk to you! It’s called Uber Quiet.

Narcity is reporting:

“Uber confirmed that the "Quiet Mode" feature will be available to Toronto-area Uber users within the next few months. The company has expanded and enhanced its customer services by introducing several brand-new travel experience options for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV passengers. Help with Luggage, Extended Pick-Up Periods, Premium Support, Heightened Professionalism, Temperature Control, Consistent Vehicle Quality and of course, Quiet Mode, will all be part of the company’s new commitment to their passengers. “