VOGUE Predicts High-End Baby Names For 2019

There's something about reading VOGUE that makes me feel so glamourous.

It brings out my inner, Gwyneth Paltrow, "have-my-life-together" realness.

Like, post-reading VOGUE, I could get one of those jade vaginal eggs and hop on board for the $8,000 GOOP price tag.

Enough about vaginal eggs though. 


VOGUE has teamed up with Nameberry, the "preferred baby-name brainstorming website for chic parents", to try and analyze the evolution of high-end baby names for 2019.


I'm paraphrasing here, but they had some really interesting and valid predictions.


Apparently we’re switching from bright colours like Ruby and Scarlett to muted tones, like “Ash” “Mauve” and “Grey”.


They also say that chic baby names are going to turn towards gender-neutrality, with names like Briar, Campbell, Laken, and Story, for both boys and girls.


Be on the lookout for three-letter baby names in 2019, such as Hal, Kit, Rex, and Lux.


Lastly, there could be a surge in "last name celebrity names", like Beckham, Bowie, Ledger, Lennon, and Hendrix.


I don't know about you, but I LOVE all of these names for 2019! 


Do you love or hate VOGUE's high-end baby name predictions?


xo Han


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