WATCH: 32 Years since “Black Friday" Edmonton's “Tornado of 87’”

It’s no doubt that with the dreary summer weather we’ve had in Edmonton the past couple weeks, this particular July day has people remembering.

July 31st 1987 has now been known as “Black Friday” to Edmontonions. On that particular day in our city, and F4 rated Twister tore up the streets of Edmonton and Strathchona areas taking the lives of 27 people, and injuring more than 300. The estimated damage to the city was over 330$ million, the tornado lasted for about an hour, after touching down at 3 pm that day.

32 years since and Edmonton hasn’t seen another like it, take a look back at some of the news footage from that week, it’s incredible. PS the opening news anchor is a very young CTV’s Daryl McIntyre, what a legend. - @mariah.mae