WATCH: Britney Spears Taken To Safety After Man Storms Stage

Britney Spears had a major scare Wednesday night (Aug. 9) as a man jumped on stage towards her causing the show to stop, security to rush in and tackle him and Britney to be escorted to safety.  At first Britney didn't even notice him. It wasn't until her security team and the audience yelling that she suspected anything.

Her security immediately tackled the man and pulled Britney off to the side where you can hear her say "What's going on?" and "Oh no!" before security moved her backstage to safety while they dealt with the man. Reports say that security had asked him to leave before he rushed the stage.  

Britney was just returning to her Vegas residency "Piece Of Me" which wraps up in December. Prior to the show she shared her excitement on Twitter.

Watch the full scene from multiple angles, including Security dragging the man off the stage below.


Britney was in the middle of her hit, "You Drive Me Crazy" when the man jumped on stage. Ironically, that man drove the whole audience crazy for stopping the show.