WATCH: Top Cardiololgist in US says “NO ONE should be on the Keeto Diet"

"NO one should be doing this, unless your weight loss is more important than YOUR LIFE"


Hey now, I’m all for coming at this argument with different facts and different stories from people, I know there’s lots of success out there, HOWEVER I seriously don’t think you can ignore THESE FACTS. If the Keeto diet is something that you’ve been gearing up for, or trying to stick with over a year’s time, you are doing more harm to your body long term than any good.

Dr. Kim Williams former President of The American College of Cardiology, says that while the Science is there behind theoretics on why the Keeto should work, it’s strictly geared towards very short term weight loss. He continues to talk about plant based diets verses keeto diets, as well as highlighting that mortality rates with heart attacks in relation to keeto diets are up 32% since 2007. I’ll save you watching the first bit, if you want to skip right to the juicy stuff, click to the 6 minute mark to hear specifically about affects keeto diets have on the heart. – XOXO @mariah.mae