We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime:

How many times have you been in love? According to Elephant Journal, we only fall in love 3 times in our lifetime. Here's the breakdown:

The 1st love: young innocent love. Think: your high school love. We go into this one thinking it will be our only love. It's not - it only looks real. 

The 2nd love: this is the hard love that's meant to teach us something. Usually frustrating, can be unhealthy and is full of drama. It's the love we wish was right, but isn't.

The 3rd love: this one catches us off guard and shakes us to our core. It comes so easily it feels unreal at times. This person fully accepts us for who we are, and makes us feel like the best version of ourselves.

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Do you agree with this?

- @chelseabird3