Why I think Bird Scooters are coming to Edmonton

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Calgary now has Lime and Bird scooter! 

Newly founded Bird Canada said Alberta would be the launching point for its line of dockless electric-powered scooters, but it plans to expand to eventually offer scooter-sharing and other "commuter solutions" across the country. The company said Kelowna, B.C., is likely to be the next city to see its products.

Now having launched just after Lime did in Calgary the market remains wide open in Edmonton.

So here are my 2 points that make me think they are headed to Edmonton SOON! 

1) Edmonton City Council approved changes to the bylaw that governs e-scooters so ride-share companies offering that mode of transportation can officially set up shop in Edmonton.

2) BIRD SCOOTERS CANADA IS FOLLOWING BOTH CALGARY AND EDMONTON HUB/INFORMATION PLACES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. (Bit of a stretch but since we haven't heard a peep, I would say this is a good sign)

They are following everything from Tourism Edmonton to some local breweries.

I hope this is a good sign and we could potentially see e-scooters soon!!!



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