Why Slamming on your Brakes won't stop a NEW kind of Speed Camera that could end up on #yeg roads

Most of us know where the RED LIGHT CAMS are in the city (and photo radar, for that matter), and we slow down thru them...then speed up, after the coast is clear. I'm guilty of it...
BUT...there's a new speed cam where that's not going to work anymore. They're known as average-speed cameras. They could be coming to Alberta..

Average Light Cameras: It doesn't matter how fast you're going when you pass by the first camera, or how fast you're going when you pass by the second camera.
If your average speed over the stretch of roadway in between the cameras exceeds the speed limit, you get a ticket in the mail.

ISN'T THAT BRUTAL? Personally, I loathe the total 'cash cow' of radar in this province.

The "average speed cameras" are quite popular in the UK and in Australia.