Wildlife Photographer Discovers a Family of Mice living in His Backyard, Builds them a Mini Village

Wildlife Photographer Simon Dell took a different approach to finding a family of mice in his backyard, you won’t hear of any mousetraps in this story! Instead, Simon Dell decided to get crafty and build a miniature mice village! This is like a British fairy-tale, apparently this little place is in some UK backyard. It’s adorable, in Dell’s Instagram bio he calls this series of photos “George the Mouse” George even has a youtube channell! Check it out below for yourself!! – XOXO - @mariah.mae

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George the mouse in a log pile house . Part V One day when Mr Tographer came out to give the little mouse his breakfast he noticed that the food from the night before was still there. This wasn't at all like George and the man was concerned. He went to his shed to fetch a torch. Bending down he called George's name and carefully shone the torch into the little house. There was no sign of his little friend. Sadly the man stood up. Where could he be. A movement near the fence caught his eye...Arabella...the cat from next door was wandering along the edge of the garden looking very smug. Suddenly the man was very worried. "Oh George" he said under his breath. Then...... "Mr Tographer Mr Tographer" The man looked down at his feet. "Oh George thank goodness. I was so worried...I thought......" he stopped mid sentence. Not one but two pairs of bright little eyes were staring up at him. "Mr Tographer" said George "Say hello to Mildred. I've been to collect her from Mr Bunting's garden. She loves the house you built for me and if you dont mind she would like to stay and be my wife.” The man looked down at the tiny couple and laughed. "Mildred" he said "welcome to the family" by Writer Susan Emsell

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