Woman Delivered Her Own Baby Using YouTube Tutorial

Just call her mother MacGyver, a woman from Nashville gave birth to her own baby in a Turkish hotel only using shoestrings, a pocketknife and a YouTube tutorial. There wasn't an epidural, nurse or doctor. Just a bathtub and a towel. Tia Freeman found out she was pregnant and in her third trimester when she had booked a trip with friends and decided to go anyways. 

Along with a YouTube tutorial she also had to google "How to cut an umbilical cord" and managed to tie off two points of the cord to cut off fluied and cuts with her pocketknife. Tia is an Air National Guard member. 

Some of the reasons she did it herself was because she didn't think she'd make it in time, she feared no one would speak English and she didn’t know how insurance would work in a foreign country. She shared the detailed story on Twitter

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