Woman Runs Into Her Childhood Dog On Street

Can you imagine seeing a dog on the street that reminds you of your childhood dog...and then realizing it IS YOUR CHILDHOOD DOG??That's excactly what happened to a woman named Kate Griffin. She shared a story on Facebook recently that has been going viral. It reads: 

11 years ago my parents had to give away our cockapoo puppy, Cami, when they got divorced. 
We haven't been able to see her since then and it was the saddest day of me and my sisters life when we found out.
But today, I was walking home and I saw a fluffy little pupper across the street who really reminded me of her. So I crossed the street and asked the person walking what the pups name was.
"Her name is Cami." ...There's no way.
I had to make sure.
I talked to the dog walker more about her.
"Yeah, a family gave her away when the parents got divorced. She's a sweetheart.
she's 15 years old."

I almost cried. Told her my story and she took this picture of us.
Yup. That's my pup, Cami. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1000/10 hope to run into again.