Women Reveal Which "Manly Guy" Things Turn Them OFF

If you or someone you know is guilty of doing these, it could mean trouble!

Reddit compiled a list recently of the different "manly men" things women find unattractive.

The top responses include:

1. Not being able to do basic adult things like cooking and cleaning. A lot of guys seem to think domestic tasks are feminine and should be left to women, but not being able to take care of yourself makes you look incompetent, not manly.

2. Guys who have to be “alpha” in every situation.

3. Generally, policing other men’s “manliness”.

4. Driving dangerously fast. Sorry dude, near death experiences don’t really turn me on.

5. Bragging about wealth. 

6. Boasting about how much alcohol they can drink and how often.

7. Avoiding “girly” food and drinks.

8. Guys who brag about never reading.


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