YEG Ice-Cream shop rolls out unique “White Rabbit” soft serve flavour after historic Chinese Candy


YELO’D Ice Cream in Edmonton is turning the tables on traditional Ice Cream flavours, they’re a first of a kind Filipino Fusion Soft Serve & Bake Shop!

These sweet treats are STUNNING, if you’re wondering about the unique name it’s actually a play on words! On their website this is how they break it down –

“YELO’D (n): A Tagalog (Filipino) word meaning ice. Add the “d” and you get a play on a verb, iced, Ice for the Ice Cream, and iced for the iced cakes and sweets offered at Yelo’d”

People are stoked on this new soft serve flavor they’re offering, after learning the back story of the “White Rabbit” candy, it gave me a whole new appreciation for this ice cream!

White Rabbit is a traditional sweet milk candy from China; it’s been around for years! And now you can even get an ice cream flavoured with it! Take a look below for yourself, also check out the history of the White Rabbit Candy below!! – XOXO - @MARIAH.MAE