You Can Buy Land In This Alberta Town for $1

For just a loonie and a business plan, you could be the new owner of a plot of land in the town of Mundare!

Yupp, the home of the World’s Largest Ukrainian Sausage (yes, really) wants to give you a home too!


What’s the catch?

-you provide a proposal to the Town as to the size of building you are constructing and the purpose

-you sign an agreement with the developer

-they require a $1,000/lot deposit

-you have 90 days from the signing of the agreement to get your development permit

-construction on the building must start within 90 days of the permit being issued


Full details.

We chatted with the CAO of Mundare to see if it really is THAT easy and pitched him a business plan! (Feel free to steal that million dollar idea)

Check it out here.