You Definitely Want This Job But Don't Want To Tell Anyone About It

There's a new job that's being posted in London that has some people turning their heads.  A "Sex Toy Reviewer"...yup, just what you think.

The site says that some of the duties are;

  • Test a variety of products you receive from LoveWoo
  • Decide why the product is hot, what could make it hotter & give personal recommendations
  • Write a detailed, informative review of the product to a strict word count
  • Depending on assignment, produce video reviews (outside of the bedroom!)

It also says "Enthusiastic & Hard Working" (but that's a given...). It pays £28,000 which converts to almost $36,000 and you get to work from home two days a week ( know...) and then have three office days a week.  (Plus the weekend to rest...)

It also says you can work from London OR remotely, so update your resume YEG!


Click HERE to read more (or apply, no-ones judging)