11 Inexpensive Ways To Embrace Your Inner Fall Basic B

Hey it's Hannah! Here's my list of 10 Inexpensive Ways to Embrace Your Fall Basic B.

The first one is OBVIOUS...


1) Grab your #PSL

#FallCups + You guys = 😍😍😍 Regram: @mareninthemountains @samzawrites @lovelolarae @likeanniewithanh @katherinealice

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My official #PSL Rankings:
1) Second Cup
2) Starbucks
3) Tim Horton's

Your local café probably does a pretty good one too! McDonald's is supposed to have one but I haven't tried it nor do I trust it.

If you don't drink coffee there are also some delicious fall-themed teas this year!! World Tea House downtown has an Apple Pie Black Tea, and David's has a Smores Chai that sounds ah-mazing.


2) Buy a Bath & Body Works Fall Candle

Fill in the blank👇: Cozy fall Candles are better than ______

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They're 2 for $24 right now, the scents I'm lookin' at are black cherry merlot, cinnamon pretzel twist, and campfire donut.



Check Kat's blog for best U-Picks in NS: http://www.iheartradio.ca/virginradio/halifax/blogs/it-s-u-pick-season-1.3243864


4) Re-Watch the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving Episode


5) Try Nine Locks Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Come try our #HarvestPumpkinAle this a.m. #AlderneyFarmersMarket #NineLocks

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I haven't tried this but it's on my list, because the girlier the beer, the better.


6) Hit Up a Moosehead's Game


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Home opener is this weekend, do it for the onion rings.


7) Get Your Fall Wardrobe in Order

Flannels, knits, jeans, and boots. 


8) Literally Just BUY a Pumpkin Pie

In honor of #nationalcoffeeday we'll have our slice of pie too! #fall🍁#butfirstcoffee #pumpkinpie

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They're like, less than $10 at Superstore and you can add whipped cream to make it look like you made it in the Insta.


9) Go to the Pumpkin Regatta

There's a Pumpkin Regatta in Windsor every year where they hollow out giant pumpkins and then race them across the lake. This year it's on Sunday, October 15th. Nova Scotia is a weird place. 


10) Sleep with the Window Open

So you're all toasty under the covers :)


11) Re-Watch AHS or Scream Queens

chanels outfit is iconic #screamqueens

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Only Scream Queens Season 1, the 2nd season was BS. Bonus points if you light your fall candle at the same time! 


xo Hannah