24 Hours Under The Covers for Coats

Every year I have the pleasure of sleeping in a Sleep Country “Simmons Beauty Rest King Size” for 24 Hours to collect coats for the Salvation Army to distribute them right here in the HRM. Anyone that dropped off a coat filled out a ballot for a $2000 Sleep Country gift card! The community always pulls through and donates whatever they have in their closets or they buy them like my mom did:

Alex with his mom

She stopped by with a coat that she just bought. So generous! Thanks mom!


We always encourage anybody in the community to come down. Cyril from CTV Morning Live and I spent the morning in bed with some spooning (that he requested!!) Also, Hip Hop local artist Quake Matthews dropped in with a pile of coats to donate:

Alex with Cyril and Quake

This is a rare sighting of Cyril NOT spooning.


We also had our hometown heroes Neon Dreams drop by. They’ve dropped in countless times now with their coat donations. Catch them February 23 here in Halifax with HEDLEY. Thanks guys:

By 1:50pm (only a few hours into the broadcast) we had a sweet pile of coats piling up:

Also, we had some people that couldn’t make it but still donated coats anyway! Big shout-out to Andy Fillmore for his donation and awesome video here with facts about the Salvation Army that even I didn’t know:

Thanks to Salvation Army for all they that they do for this every year. Even with this coat drive, they say the demand is too high to fulfill them all, so we can always use more coats!

Jonathan from Room Service Halifax also dropped by with treats and coats:

Thanks Jonathon!


And here’s the final coat pile (with more donations still coming in)

Thanks to Paul and everyone at Sleep Country for their continued support of Under the Covers for Coats every year. Thanks to Turk, Megan, Kat, Hannah and Erin from Virgin Radio too. We all had fun during this broadcast!

Also, thanks to YOU especially, since you were able to help keep hundreds of people warm this winter in HRM!