10 Reasons To Donate Your Prom Dress RIGHT NOW!



1. You’re NOT going to wear it again. NOPE. DON’T. I know what you’re thinking but, you are REALLY NOT GOING TO WEAR IT AGAIN!

2. Neither will your daughter.

3. Or her daughter

4. It’s taking up room in your closet. Room that could belong to SOME NEW CLOTHES!

5. Yes, I get it. So many memories... AND pictures! That’s how you remember things, not with a large white bag at the back of your closet.

6. Trust me from someone who has had to deal with it, you will drag this thing from place to place. Every new apartment, new house... NURSHING HOME. Until you die


8. Okay… maybe you DO wear it again. You’ll have to get it dry-cleaned, WHAT A HASSLE.

9. Sunnyside Mall is having their annual DRESS DRIVE! It’s all in support MADD Canada!  Dresses are $25 per dress with all proceeds going to MADD Canada in support of the safe driving/safe grad campaigns.

10. Seriously? You need more reasons? Ok... It will make you feel good! Make someone’s prom experience as good as yours was! S P R E A D  T H E  L O V E!

BONUS * You can drop your dress of at Sunnyside Mall RIGHT NOW!*

More Details HERE