10 Spots to WORK-OUT in Hali.. That ARE NOT the GYM! 💪💪

Kat's Blog- Best Hali workout's

So your New Year’s resolution is to get fit? Almost two weeks in and you’ve decided YOU HATE THE GYM?  NOW WHAT? We can all agree the “GYM” isn’t for all of us, the grunting, the selfies.. the BRO’S. The best way to keep to a workout plan is to find something that you actually wanna do and have fun doing. Halifax has some great options! Click the link for details.



Hot Yoga

If you can stand the heat, GET IN THE STUDIO. It’s honestly one of the most rewarding exercise classes out there. My favorite spot is Modo Yoga on Dresden Rd.Get your sweat on HERE!


Taking a Class at RIO and ROUGE

If you’re not sure what you might like, Rio & Rouge is for you! Offering movement classes in Pilates, Yoga, Kettlebells, Kickboxing, Resistance Towers, Barre and Circuit training there’s no way you could get bored HERE!

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The Pool

Not just for sweet little old ladies in bathing caps! The Canada Game Centre offers TONS of different water based fitness classes such as; Aqua Step, Combo Aqua Fit and Hydro Rider. Jump in HERE!

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Belly Dancing

Find moves you didn’t even know you had! The ladies at Serpentine Studios are welcoming and talented in making your workout feel like a night on the town! Shimmy over HERE!


The Oval

This is probably one of THE BEST workouts in Halifax and it’s FREE! Plus you can reward yourself with a Beer somewhere down town after. Is that counter active? WHO CARES!? Lace em’ up HERE!


Anti-Gravity Fitness at Interlude

Anti- Gravity Fitness SAYYY WHAT??? It’s located in Interlude Spa’s Dartmouth location using anti-gravity hammocks (silk-like slings)  and designed to increase strength, flexibility and agility with the added decompressive benefits of hanging upside down! Try it HERE! 



Wither it’s at the Dome or in a studio dancing is one of THE BEST exercises you can do. If you hate paying cover, lines and creepy guys grinding on you... it’s best to stick to studio tho. Sashay on over HERE!

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This 50-minute class is INTENSE; but you’ll sweat it out on a stationary bike to a KICK-ASS playlist and the instructor keeps you so motivated you’ll feel INVINCEABLE!! In addition to their regular classes,  they also have SUPER FUN THEMED CLASSES like Country, Beyonce, Hip-Hop and more! Take it for a SPIN HERE!


Rock Climbing

7 Bays Bouldering in Halifax is the perfect mix of fun and sweat! Not only do they have a challenging indoor rock climbing wall but they also have a bar/café for lunch with your girls after. Book a spot HERE!


Canada Game Centre

So, yes technically this is a gym, but it has so much more to enjoy than just that. The inside track is awesome (especially in the colder weather). The pool has tons of open swims, classes and even a cheap night on Tuesday and Thursdays! As a member, my favorite part is that you can book the court downstairs for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton and lots more! They’ll even supply the equipment!  Become Sporty Spice HERE!

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Happy Sweating! 💪 💦