15 Things Girlfriends Do That Are Actually CREEPY AF

  1. Watch you sleep. – We’re either thinking about how much we love you or plotting your murder.
  2. Try out your last name- Just to see if it fits.
  3. Check to see if that email is available- They go fast!
  4. Wonder what our babies will look like-
  5. Creep your mom- She holds all your secrets.
  6. Creep your ex- Just to confirm that we are prettier!
  7. Throw out your clothes- Yeah.. That’s where that shirt went.
  8. Put new clothes into your closet –You’ve had that for years!  
  9. Wear your underwear- WAY more comfortable than ours! And my butt looks cute in them.
  10. Sniff you- ALL THE TIME.
  11. Use your body wash- What? Girls wanna smell like “Cool Metal” too!?   
  12. Use your razor- MENS RAZORS ARE BETTER.
  13. Check you out in the grocery store- Just to see what other ladies see.
  14. Fantasize about plucking your eyebrows- Just a little.
  15. Leave things at your place “by accident”-Check your bathroom.