5 MILLION BUCKS IS A LOT...What Would you do for it? Click To See Some Crazy Options.

I think we can all agree that we would do a lot for 5 million dollars right!? I would give up social media, my phone, meat and more! Think about three major things you would give up, what would they be? Think about things you normally would not do, but would if presented with a check. What would that be?


Below are a few questions asked in a survey, and it’s mind-blowing what some would do. Take a look, and see where on the survey you would fall.


Question 1 – You get 5 million dollars, but somewhere in the world someone will have to die for you getting this cash. You will not know who, or how. Just that someone will die…What do you do? The survey results came to 50% would, 50% wouldn't.


Question 2 – No internet at all for 15 years? The survey results came to 45% would, 55% wouldn't.


Question 3 – You will have all your teeth pulled. The survey results came to 42% would, 58% wouldn't.


Question 4 – You have to make a hardcore adult film, and if anyone ever tries to google your name, the first thing the see will be that. The survey results came to 33% would, 67% wouldn't.


Question 5 – Do five years hard time in a maximum prison? The results came to 30% would, 70% wouldn't.


Question 6 – You cannot get it on with anyone, to include self-pleasure for 30 years. The results came to 26% would, 74% wouldn't.


How many would you do?