8 Items Your Gonna Wanna Get From IKEA ASAP

STRANDMON Wingback chair- Not only is this super chic it’s only $299


The STRANDMON’s been known to inspire some seated ovations.

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FÖRTROLIG- Food Containers are a simple but a sophisticated way of bringing your Cheetos to work.



KNAPPER- Standing Mirror has a rack on the back so you can lay your clothes out the night before,

instead of putting them on ‘THE CHAIR’.



PLUMSA- Laundry Bag is a fashionable way to hide the fact that you haven’t done laundry in 8 weeks



STORJORM- Mirror with built-in light. Everything about this makeup vanity is TO DIE FOR but, the mirror is what we are all here for.



VAR- clamp LED spotlight is perfect for reading Harry Potter AGAIN before bed.



KOMPLEMENT- This is actually part of a wardrobe system but, I would but the whole thing just for this amazing shoe organizer!



MEATBALLS- Actually EVERYTHING at the Ikea Restaurant is amazing! Including the $2.49 breakfast!


#tastylunch#ikealunch#ikeaköttbullar#ikeameatballs Tasty Köttbullar at IKEA😋👍🏾

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