A Baby's First Cold

What’s the best way to fight a cold when it comes to babies?

Colds for babies are pretty common because they touch everything and put anything they can in their mouths. Silly little buggers!!

Vienna and Violet have their first cold. They’re almost 6 months old. It doesn’t seem too harsh, but they are quite snotty. ‘Tis the season!

You don’t want to be giving them pills or anything like that. We did however pick up some Vicks Baby Rub. Even though the kids are snotty, Vienna doesn’t seem to mind:

Sneezing has become a whole new thing. When you ask some pharmacists what you can do to treat a baby’s cold they might say “Nothing.”

But seriously… The kids aren’t too upset. This is Violet’s sick face:


Violet's sick.


What’s the best remedy for when a baby has a cold?