A Natural Serum That Can Heal Small Cuts

I’m just discovering how amazing the health benefits from breastmilk are! This stuff is like a natural amazing potion that humanity has needed for our entire time here on the Earth and it’s still something we cannot recreate.

My doctor always talks about how baby formula (although sometimes necessary, especially if a lady’s milk supply is low or nonexistent) has been attempting to recreate the breastmilk benefits for so many years and it’s still just not there yet.

The most amazing thing I’ve seen so far? A baby’s little cut. They love to scratch their face and it seems like we can’t keep their nails short enough for long, so if they happen to nick their face… I put just a small touch of breastmilk on Vienna and check out the results:

A healed cut from breastmilk.


BEFORE and AFTER (Zoomed In)


The picture doesn't do it enough justice, but seriously, this is the difference of a couple hours. By the next day, the cut was gone. BYE FELICIA!


Bye Felicia Meme


In parts of China they call it “The Drink of the Wealthy.” It cures certain things without causing inflammation. This is why breastfed babies are usually immune from diarrhea, respiratory infections and even asthma.

Breastmilk has many antibacterial healing “properties” (look at me sounding like I work in medicine.)

Alex in scrubs


In parts of the world, donor milk has been used to treat all kinds of medical conditions in newborn babies. But not just babies. It can even boost immunities in adults and older kids.

You can use it for ear treatment, eye problems, to sooth sore throats, as an ointment for burning and itching, or simply for cleaning a baby’s face. Although I treat this like liquid gold and would rather our twins drink it instead of washing their face with it.

I’m still learning the whole baby thing, as new parents do. Watching your babies grow is definitely one of the best experiences of someone’s life. (Whether you like babies or not :p )