A World Record You Didn't Know You Had


Did you know we once ALL have held a world record individually and we didn't even know it?

For a split second, a millisecond, we all were once the youngest person on the planet.

You can tell someone today that you held a world record at one point in your lifetime.

Ultrasound Picture



It's tax time! Gotta do your taxes.

Did you know in Mexico, artists can pay their taxes with their artwork?

It all started back in the 50s, when a politician's friend was going to jail for tax evasion because he had no money. They passed the law to allow that man to pay his debts with his artwork and since then, any notable artists.

To this day over 7,000 paintings and sculptures from 700 artists are in a museum for the public to see.

You can't just doodle something and hope you would get out of your taxes though. You have to be somewhat well established.


My art wouldn't work.



Speeders... There's a lot of them driving around, going over the limit.

Did you know the first speeding ticket ever given out in the world was given to a man that was going 4 TIMES the speed limit??

Walter Arnold was his name. He was caught by a policeman on a bicycle, after a 5 mile chase! This was 1896 in England. He was going 8 miles per hour in a 2 mile zone!!

He was fined one schilling, which was a decent amount of change at the time. But when think about it... this chase was about triple the walking speed. It was a slow run. Times have changed.

Click to see the pic of Walter Arnold being arrested HERE



Claw Machines... You know the ones where you put in a loonie and try to pickup a toy with the claw?

Did you know these machines can be programmed to only give the claw full strength, randomly?

No wonder most of the time it seems like there is NO way you're gonna pick up the toys in there. The strength is usually off.  Every vendor has the power to adjust it.

Some machines have two-level claw power, which causes the claw to initially have full strength, but then gradually weakens its grip to the normal level.

Meaning, this can cause the claw to initially pick up the prize, but then drop it!! It's all RIGGED!! Most of them anyways.

Alex's parents with Claw Machine

Here's my Dad asking for money from my mother to play the Claw Machine.