#ADULTING101 - Halifax's newest Beer Bar opening this week!

If there’s one thing we take seriously in Halifax, it is our BEER.

You might have heard a few weeks ago about Hopyard Beer Bar coming to Halifax . They have a super popular location in Charlottetown and nooooow they are in NS!

Now I heardddd they are opening up sometime this week so keep your eyes ~peeled~.  Here is what we know:

They will be located on Gottigen right next to Foggy Goggle, Edna, etc! They have a TON of craft beer (yes!) a super fun menu!

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AND the coolest part… a huge selection of Vinyl!!

LOVE THIS. They encourage you to grab your beer and go sift through their vinyl collection. If ya find something you like, you bring it to the bar & they will play it for you! SO COOL.

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Can't wait to check this place out!