#ADULTING101 - How to be Irish AF for a day!

IT’S ALMOST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Green Beer Day aka St. Paddy's aka my FAAAAAAAAV day of the year!

PLUS being in Hali for St. Patrick's day is a TRUE BLESSING. There's a bizillion things to do/pubs to go to. Honestly.

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So whether you’re headin’ out first thing for a boozy brunch or skippin’ the lines and joinin' in on the fun later…it may help to brush up on some St. Paddy’s lingo so you *seem* a lil LEGIT. HERE WE GO:

Top O' the Mornin' to Ya! - I mean...pre straight forward. Basically good morning! Say back "AND the rest of the day to ya!"

Craic - Prounced "crack", basically a term for news, gossip, etc. "What's the craic?!" meaning what's happening OR how are ya!

Sham - Simply put, a friend. Sounds wrong or fake AF but it's your pals!

Savage - I meaaaaan this isn't an uncommon word for you probs, but in St. Paddy's day terms it can be very bad or very good! Sometimes a combiniation of both.

Gowl - An annoying, dum dum person. Like that guy who won't leave you alone at the bar. Cut that gowl loose, guuuurl!

The Cheek of ya! - Speaking of gowl, this is commoly used when someone is being cocky. Like that guy at the bar that won't leave you alone but also won't stop rambling on about how much money he makes. THE CHEEK OF YA!


So now you're up to date, SHAMS!

Prob see you on Sat DT Hali, letttttttt's be real.