#ADULTING101...or not.

You know when you get past 25 years old and you see people from high school getting engaged, having babies, buying homes, and just y’know….ADULTING?

Well yeah, then there is me. LITERALLY the furthest thing from adulting. Oh and I’m 26 PS.

I’m not kidding when I tell you I actually just found out it doesn’t cost $ to go to the doctor. I have benefits. Do I have a clue how to use them? Absolutely not.


no offence

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But hey, I just like to enjoy life and have a good time! It’s not my fault my life is just usually a sh*tshow and in shambles! Hahahaha.

Anyways, I figured I’d share my weekly #ADULTING101 (aka the furthest thing from adulting) stories with you. Maybe you’re like me and can TOTALLY relate. Maybe not – and you’ll just judge the EFF out of me. Either way, I’m cool with it!


SO I’ll start off with this weeks #ADULTING101 mistake number 1. The ol' classic, I drank too much and lost my cell phone.

I’m from Calgary, and I was just home for the holidays. But here’s the thing. I do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I got home for Christmas LITERALLY on the first night. I see my friends, we party, and I leave my phone in the cab. It’s what I like to call my annual (pricey) Christmas tradtion hahaha. SO annoying though to lose it on the first night RIGHT before Christmas. Like COME ON. GET YOUR LIFE TOGETH ERIN.


But hey – life goes on and it could be worse.

Here’s to having this phone for another 363 days and #ADULTING!




MY 🏻 PEOPLE 👏🏻 #11christmasestogether

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