#ADULTING101 - Vandal Doughnuts + NEON DREAMS!

Don't you love when local businesses/groups get together for a good cause?! Well our two FAVS are teaming up tomorrow and you have GOT to come check it out.

You've heard of Vandal Doughnuts right?! They are located in the North End just inside Gus' Pub. If you haven't tried them I'm SURE you've come accross them on Insta because they are literally everyyyywhere.

Now tomorrow is International Women's Day & Vandal and Neon Dreams are teaming up to celebrate! Vandal made a ~ special~ "Neon Dreams Doughnut" and all proceeds made from the doughnut will be donated to Adsum House in Hali. Isn't that the BEST?

OH! Not to mention Neon Dreams will be THERE at Vandal Doughnuts performing an acoustic set at 2 pm!

Kat and I will be there and we would LOVE to see your faces there as well!

Now, I'm just gunna leave some of this here....