#ADULTING101 - What happens when you mix Vodka & Cell Phones...

...and SURPRISINGLY no, I don’t mean when you start drunk texting/dialing all your ex’s at 3 am hahahaha (although….can we SERIOUSLY get an app for that?! It's 2018!!!!)

Well last week I blogged about my annual struggle with leaving my phone is cabs (after far too many pints, mind you) which SUCKS.

But you know what sucks even more?! Spending a ton of $ on a new phone, then a week later spilling VODKA ALL. OVER. IT. Cause guess who did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FML. So now, my brand new phone has a mind of it’s own. Have you ever heard of “touch disease?” on an iPhone plus?!?! It’s like that. My phone literally has a mind of it’s OWN. It opens apps, types messages and everything without me even TOUCHING it.

So I don’t even bother opening Instagram cause it will just randomly open profiles and liking everything AKA your worst nightmare hahahahahaha.

Anyways I am clearly winning and life and absolutely KILLING this #Adulting101 thing.

Fingers crossed for the fate of my new phone that won’t arrive for 3-4 weeks now!  (currently crying)