#ADULTING101 - Where to buy a LIFE SIZE Wine Glass in Hali!

The big box store is taking their go BIG style to WINE!!! BLESS.

This wine glass at Costco Bayers Lake literally holds 25 BOTTLES of wine. CAN YOU EVEN!?!?!

AND it's not even that hard on the wallet! You can get one of these for $100!

Now how hilarious would this be to just casuaslly have in your house?! OR it makes the PERFECT champagne birthday or stagette gift!

Or let's be real you can just buy this for yourself...TAKE. MY. MONEY. This is a SICK deal.

Shoutout to Karlene Proctor in the pic, totally scoped this out on her FB page hahaha.

Looks like other Haligonians were gettin' in on this too: