#ADULTING101 - Your NEW Summer 2018 Drink!

OKAY SO RIGHT NOW it might not FEEL like it, but summer is truly around the CORNER, BLESS.

Bring on the tans, sunnies and the beeeeeest thing about summer…..PATIO DRINKS. YAAAAS.

K remember a few years back when Bud Light released Bud Light Lime!? Everyone went buck for it and it was def the drink of the summer…

WELL now if this doesn’t make you anticipate summer more than you already do…they are now releasing BUD. LIGHT. ORANGE.


Now you’ll prob either LOVE or H8 this but, like, I think orange soda is the bomb (and I don’t even really like pop that much) so I feel like this will be REFRESHING AF and super yummy for the summer!!!!

I haven’t seen it being sold yet but I’m seeing lots of pics on twitter etc so if you see it somewhere in Hali you have to let me know!


This would actually be super handy for getting creative in making margs or even better…BULLDOGS!

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Also this tweet....HAHAHA drams and prob don't do this but...

Ok so summer, if you could show up annnnnytime now that would be great