Aliens and Giant Beavers!


Did you know NASA revealed there may be alien life in our solar system?

Their findings show that Enceladus (a moon that orbits Saturn) has a white shell made of ice, with chemical activity under the shell that is important to life on Earth, so NASA suggests there might be aliens or some kind of life form living there.

It's like a big mini egg. The shell is similar to our planet’s ozone layer.

Underneath there are hydrothermal vents which we also have here on Earth that offers food and warmth to the scary sea creatures of the deep. There could be creepy space creatures on this moon near Saturn!

Moon or Cheese?

Cheese or the Moon?


It’s actually a Babybel.




Did you know here in Canada, there used to be beavers the size of black bears?

Giant Beavers... This isn't a joke. The giant beaver was the largest rodent in North America during the last ice age. It was about 8 feet long and it probably weighed around 132 to 220 lb.

Which again, is roughly the size of a black bear.

The giant beaver died out over 10 000 years ago and so did the mastodons, mammoths and the horses of the ice age. I picture the giant beaver having paws the size of frying pans:


Did you know we'll be able to visit the Titanic wreck on the ocean floor soon?

Starting May of next year, a company named OceanGate Expeditions will start taking people down for deep dives aboard a sub.

This company has the only privately-owned research submarine in the world capable of taking human's to Titanic's depth, with the other four of these subs available being owned by the government.

It'll be roughly $140,000 Canadian to go visit the Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland in an 8 day trip.

Fewer than 200 people have ever visited the Titanic wreck and when you do go, they'll give you a job, like taking pictures of debris... but again, you are paying them 140 grand!

As soon as I Turk heard about this, he said he’s going to try to go for free with his own boat.

Turks Titanic Meme