Babies Are Babblin'

Maybe I’m being a crazy dad here, but my babies are now about 4 and a half months old and I believe they are speaking to me.

They are identical twin girls named Vienna and Violet and they are now full-on babbling. As my fiancée Polly puts it, “It’s a little noisy at the house now.” But a good noisy. When your child is speaking to you for the first time, it’s like music to your ears.

When Violet started mouthing the words that resemble “I Love You” right after I said it, Polly and I proceeded to melt.

Liquid Melt Effect on Photoshop

Terrible Photoshop joke… Anyways, moving on.

But seriously, how could you not melt from your babies making noises?

So while Violet was babbling random noises, I said “I Love You” to her and she made noises that I believe to be the wonderful little baby trying to say it back to me. I want to say beforehand… Please forgive my “I Love You” dad voice. Here’s the clip:



What Violet is doing, is exactly what babies do. They start talking in stages. They start with vowel sounds and then start combining those sounds to make basic words aka “word sounds.” If Violet is ACTUALLY trying to say the words, then she’s ahead of the game. Babies aren’t supposed to start that until around the sixth or seventh month and I’m sure EVERY parent thought that their kid was trying to say “Mama” or “Da-Da.” Now Polly and I are competing against each other to get them to say whichever first. I’m saying “Da-Da,” Polly’s saying “Mama” at the same time and the babies look all kinds of confused!

What age did your baby babble something that resembled words?