Beachin' it with the Virgin Radio Summer Street Squad

Virgin Hali SSS - Beach

Hey guys, it’s your girls Madi and Nermeen, and we just finished our first full week as summer cruisers! We had so much fun exploring our city and meeting so many of you. The highlight of the week was for sure hitting the beach.   

Saturday was the first day Halifax felt like summer, so we figured we should hit up Rainbow Haven Beach! It turns out we weren’t the only ones with this idea, and we got to meet so many of you who love beachin’ just as much as we do. There really isn’t anything like the first time you hit the beach in the summer. Taking off your shoes and feeling the warm sand on your toes is one of the best feelings and our favourite sign that it’s summer. Even though it was still a little chilly outside to go swimming, we saw lots of people soaking up the sun and putting their feet in the water. We also met some super cute dog’s who were just as happy as their owners to be out in the sand.

We’re hoping to hit the beach a lot this summer, so be sure to listen to the radio and see when we’re there so we can hang out. Can’t wait to see you soon!