Blue Nose Weekend


Hey there, it’s Madi and Nermeen! We kicked off the summer this weekend with some amazing weather and the Bluenose Marathon. We had so much fun announcing at the Active Living Expo, and checking out all of the fun booths. Atlantic Superstore let us play a fun game where we spin a wheel and have to eat the exotic food we land on. We got to try coconut kefir, which was somewhat like coconut milk and reminded us of pina coladas on the beach, but healthy! How great is that?!


On Saturday we helped paint SO MANY noses blue. We loved talking to all of the kids who came out for the youth run. It was awesome to see so many kids excited about healthy living! 


On Sunday we had our own cheerleading station on the route of the marathon and hyped up all of the runners with our noisemakers. We even met a women who was waiting for her friend to run by so she could surprise her and run with her for support. It was so inspiring. 


It was an amazing weekend full of fun. Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be cheering us on as we run by!