Different Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Any holiday can have some weird traditions. Different families do so many different things on a holiday and it could be an old family tradition or it could be something brand new.



Many people in the Philippines celebrate Christmas. Some celebrations continue well on into January. Much like a stocking (although they originated in Holland as being stuffed with gifts) children leave socks or shoes on their window sills for the Three Kings to fill with gifts.

Quite a few in Japan celebrate a tradition that was “drummed up” by KFC. Over 40 years have passed since Kentucky Fried Chicken started as a tradition on Christmas. More than two hundred thousand loads of chicken will be sold during Christmas in Japan which is almost ten times the norm.

The shoe toss that will get you married is a funny tradition that many celebrate in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. People who participate in this tradition have to stand with their back to a door and throw a shoe over their shoulder (Dumb and Dumber salt shaker style) on Christmas Day. If the shoe is pointing with the toe end to the door, it means that you’ll get married soon. But how soon? We have no idea.

For those that celebrate Christmas in India, they don’t really have pine trees there, so the people tend to decorate banana or mango trees. It doesn’t look quite right, but it gets the job done for Santa’s visit.



And speaking on Christmas trees… The last one on our list of Halloween traditions… I mean, Christmas traditions, we go to Ukraine. Instead of ornaments, they decorate trees with cobwebs… and spiders to go with the cobwebs! Seeing a spider web on Christmas there is lucky.


What different traditions do you celebrate during the Holidays?