Don’t Play This Type Of Music On A Boat If You Don’t Want To Attract Sharks!

Summer is here, and boating season has begun!! There is nothing better than hitting the open water with friends and family while enjoying the sunshine, music and cold beverages. We are very lucky in Nova Scotia to have such beautiful waters surrounding us everywhere we go, so let’s keep it enjoyable by not attracting sharks near our boats. I also read that sharks are attracted to bright colors, so keep that in mind when swimming.


According to a study performed in Australia, sharks tend to be drawn to sophisticated music like swing and jazz! This is not an issue if you continue to listen to your favorite station 101.3 Virgin Radio lol. Im sure sharks are not getting down with Cardi B :)


Shark facts – The International Shark Attack File has a number of 2,785 unprovoked attacks between the year 1958 and 2016 and of that, 439 were fatal. In 2017 there were 88 attacks worldwide five of which were fatal. Making 2017 an average year!