Eastern College's Massage Therapists Are Amazing!

Let me start by writing that I don’t have much experience with getting a massage. I had an idea that my back may have been a bit out of whack, but I didn’t know how catastrophic it was until Eastern College came into the Virgin Radio studio yesterday.

They assessed me like they do everyone that goes for a massage there, a simple 15 minutes will tell the Massage Therapists (and you) what’s going on with your body and if it needs therapeutic work. Mine needed TONS of work.




…And it’s ongoing. I’ll be going to Eastern College to visit Dan Schreiber Schreiber & Second Year Students Jenn Roy, Jenn Jackson, and Emily Proulx. Big shoutout to them! They were a pleasure to be around and did a great job with my full body massage.

ICYMI, we did a Facebook Live while Eastern College was in studio as well, which you can watch here:



We have fun LOL!

Also, shout-out to the winners who won free massages with us throughout the morning! If you tried to get in on a free massage and missed out, don’t worry. Eastern College is currently offering one full 75 minute massage for $20. Yes… 20 BUCKS! What a price for a quality massage! When it comes to my back and shoulder problems, I will be going immediately. If you’ve especially never had a massage before, go check out Dan and the students at Eastern College for a massage at 6940 Mumford Rd Suite 111 in Halifax!

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