Facts That Make You Think


Did you know in Taiwan it's the garbage trucks that play music instead of ice cream trucks?

When locals hear the music approaching, they go outside and throw their garbage bags that they get from the government directly onto the back of the truck.

This prevents garbage from ever touching the ground so less rats or crows get in it and it helps keep the streets clean there.

Cool idea, but the garbage truck drives by my house when I'm at work so that would suck LOL



Ancient Egyptians loved cats. They worshipped them.

Did you know in Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians once lost a battle because their enemy used cats against them?

It was the Battle of Pelusium in 525 BCE against Persian soldiers.

Since the Egyptians believed cats were sacred and the guardians of the underworld, they refused to hurt the animals as Persian soldiers had them in hand.



Did you know as soon as a limb falls asleep, all you have to do is rock your head side to side?

It happens to everyone. Your arm or hand falls asleep. You could be in an important meeting or you just hate that numb feeling. What do you do?

There's a bundle of nerves in your neck; so moving your neck around will loosen the muscles and release the pressure on those nerves to wake up your limb.