Facts That Will Get Your Attention!


Did you know in the 17th century, toothpicks were seen as luxury items?

Imagine someone has a toothpick in their mouth... "Wow, that person comes from money. They must be loaded."

Toothpicks back then weren't just sticks though.

They were formed from precious metals and even set with expensive stones.

People used them and washed them or they simply carried it as a jewelry item.



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Did you know birds, especially crows, have accents depending on the region they come from??

We once thought only humans had accents, but we were wrong!

There are local differences in the songs of particular species of crows.

We may not be able to distinguish a Boston crow from a Nova Scotian crow by its accent, but the crows can.

Birds usually choose a mate with the same dialect to keep the same local genes and adapt to the local environment.

Do you think our crows use eh? It's chilly out here eh?

Crow Joke Meme

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Did you know there's a song that began in 2001 that none of us will hear the end of it?

It's scheduled to last 639 years, ending in the year 2640.

It's played on the organ and called "As Slow as Possible."

It's a musical piece by John Cage in Germany and one of the longest-lasting musical performances ever undertaken.

They've taken some pauses, but for the most part they play a chord on the organ and hold it for at least a couple of years at a time.

The last note change occurred was in 2013.

The next change will not be happening until 2020.

It’s Lamb Chop’s Playalong All Over Again:


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