Find out which pet owners are more likely to cheat!

Take it for what it is, but apparently they did a survey to find out which pet owners would be the most likely to cheat! This research was done by a cheating website called and they used their own member to gather their research. So think about yourself, have you ever cheated (what kind of pet do you have), have you ever been cheated on (what kind of pet did they have)?


Here are the results!

The top spot goes to the cat owners at 26%


At #2. It’s rabbit owners falling in with 17%


#3. Snake owners, alongside lizards and other reptiles with 15% of members cheating.


#4. Goes to rodent owners (mice, rats, etc..)


#5. Belongs to the fish owners at a smaller percentage of 9%


Last goes to dog owners, maybe because dogs are so loyal lol with only 7% of members saying they have cheated.