Fun Facts: Bail Yourself Out from a Chatty Co-Worker

Did you know McDonald's is experimenting with playing classical music over the restaurant’s loudspeakers at night in hopes of stopping fights from breaking out?

They're especially doing this in England right now. It's to keep any customers from being rowdy.

This has been tested before and it actually seems to really help. So many of the restaurants in England are starting this up as soon as it gets dark.

I'm just thinking… this music will be playing and the loud, drunk customers will just be using it as their theme music. Could you imagine this environment (with these fools) and classical music:





Did you know before elevators and for many years after, a building's lowest floors were for the wealthy and the higher floors were for the less fortunate?

Or storage! The wealthy would literally be like, "No, I don't do the stairs DAWLING. I'll stay on the first level."

Based on my financial status, this is where I would probably be:





Did you know there’s a button that you can push to bail you out of a chatty coworker at your desk?

Push the button and an automated man will call your phone and get you to follow directions like Morpheus from the Matrix. It works incredibly well!



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